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Aerosol Group Photos 2005-2006

Group photos

Rowland Hall before renovation of 2006

Ahmad Alshawa setting up the micelle project

Stephen Mang making a dry ice bomb

Xiang Pan and Ao Lin at AirUCI library dedication

Maggie Walser coping with cold office

Joelle Underwood & Sergey Nizkorodov

Stephen Mang aligning a monochromator

Stephen Mang sitting on the lab's toolbox

2006 Lee dinner...

To my eventual graduation in 2025!!!!

Anthony Gomez at the AirUCI Community Day

Stephen Mang giving a lab tour

Maggie Walser collecting AirUCI visitors

Sergey Nizkorodov lecturing

Sergey Nizkorodov not lecturing

Sergey Nizkorodov with his air-purifier demo

Anthony Gomez giving a lab tour

Setting up the new lab in RH385

Setting up the new lab in RH385

The new CRDS setup

Setting up the new lab in RH385

AirUCI core faculty

Sergey Nizkorodov in a badly-written skit

2005 New Year party

2005 New Year party

Maggie von Walser

Setting up the new lab in RH385

The new CIMS setup

Maggie Walser and Canada Matt

Joelle Underwood at the AirUCI Community Day

2006 Lee dinner...

Ahmad Alshawa

Jiho Park with his kids

Tony and Autumn

Ahmad Alshawa presenting a poster

Joelle Underwood working with CIMS

Stephen van der Mang

Ahmad Alshawa and Jiho Park

Maggie Walser re-decorating Steve's desk

Ahmad Alshawa

Xiang Pan impatiently waiting for Steve Mang

Ao Lin's farewell party

Stephen Mang's desk: new and improved

Stephen Mang's chair

Xiang Pan and Joelle Underwood

Stephen Mang teaching an outreach program

Mickey Laux and Sergey Nizkorodov

Sergey Nizkorodov lecturing (not again!)

Sergey Nizkorodov is awarded a shot glass

Anthony Gomez at the Lee Dinner
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