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UCI Aerosol Photochemistry Group   
University of California at Irvine   Department of Chemistry    
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Aerosol Photochemistry Group Seminars (Chem 291)

Fridays, 10.00-11.00 am in RH390

Date Speaker Topic
Apr 2* Adam & Chris ACS practice talks (Wed 5 pm)
Apr 4 Chris Harmon Paper discussion (carry over from the last quarter)**
Apr 11 -- no meeting (ACS)
Apr 18 Everyone Short presentations
Apr 25 Xiang Pan Paper discussion**
May 2 Everyone Short presentations
May 9 Adam Bateman Paper discussion** or talk practice
May 13* Adam Bateman AirUCI seminar (Tue 11 am)
May 16 Stephen Mang Thesis defense practice
May 23 Everyone Short presentations
May 30 n/a Cancelled
June 6 Sero, Dana, and Stacy 15-min summary presentations
June 13 David Bones PhD research presentation

* Note: special meeting time
**The presenter summarizes one recent paper that should be of broad interest to the entire group. Everyone in the group is expected to read it. The presenter also includes relevant info (figures, tables) from 2-3 related papers; we do not need to read all of them.


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