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Aerosol Photochemistry Seminars

Group Seminars

Meetings are in RH390. The meeting time is specified below.
Date/time Speaker Topic
Fall 2011
Thu, Sep 29
1-2 pm
Tran AAAR practice talk (computer set-up: Tran)
Thu, Oct 6
1-2 pm
n/a No meeting (Sergey out of town).
Thu, Oct 13
1-2 pm

EMSL practice talk and/or tentative future research plans (computer set-up: Scott)

Thu, Oct 20
1-2 pm
n/a No meting (Sergey out of town).
Thu, Oct 27
1-2 pm
Sandy, Sergey, Chad, Katelyn, Hanna Progress mini-reports (computer set-up: Van) - limit 10 min each.
Wed, Nov 2
4.30-6 pm
Van, Tran, Scott, Sergey Journal club - part I (computer set up: Sergey) - limit 15 min each.
Wed, Nov 9
4-5 pm
Liz Jarvo Liz Jarvo tenure talk in RH104 ( people interested in academic careers should go)
Wed, Nov 16
3.30-5 pm
Emily Bruns Emily Bruns defense in RH390
Wed, Nov 23
4.30-6 pm
n/a No meeting - too close to Thanksgiving
Wed, Nov 30
4.30-6 pm
Van, Tran, Scott Progress reports (computer setup: Scott) - unlimited.
Wed, Dec 7
4.30-6 pm
Sandy, Amanda, Chad, Katelyn, Hanna Journal club - part II (computer setup: Sandy) - limit 15 min each.


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