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Aerosol Photochemistry Seminars

Group Seminars

Meetings are in RH390. The meeting time is specified below.
Date/time Speaker Topic
Spring 2012
Thu, Apr 5
2-4 pm
Everyone Playing games, drinking beverages, and discussing science. Bring whatever games or beverages you want and it's okay to bring nothing at all. Try to bring a recently published paper or two that you think is really cool and then try to convince us why it's cool.
Thu, Apr 12
2-4 pm

Adam's visit, plan TBD, most likely we will have a group lunch since Adam is here starting from around 11 am.

Thu, Apr 19
2-4 pm

Progress report

Thu, Apr 26
2-4 pm
Scott, Sandy

Progress reports


Thu, May 3
2-4 pm
TBD Sergey out of town. Possibly literature discussion/board game time.
Thu, May 10
2-4 pm
Julie, Amanda Progress reports
Thu, May 17
2-4 pm
Chad, Van, Katelyn Progress reports
Thu, May 24
2-4 pm
Tran PhD practice
Thu, May 31
4-... pm
n/a Lee lecture and dinner
Mon, June 4
4-... pm
Tran PhD defense + dinner
Thu, June 7
2-4 pm
Hanna, Dian Progress reports - postponed until summer quarter


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