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UCI Aerosol Photochemistry Group   
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Aerosol Photochemistry Seminars

Group Seminars

Meetings are in RH390. The meeting time is specified below.
Date/time Speaker Topic
Winter 2012
Fri, Jan 13
2-4 pm
everyone Quarterly lab cleanup (Scott will be away and will have to do his part earlier)
Fri, Jan 20
2-4 pm
Scott, Amanda AirUCI workshop practice talks
Thu, Jan 26 - Fri, Jan 27

AirUCI workshop in Laguna Beach

Fri, Feb 3
2-4 pm
n/a Midterm exam grading
Fri, Feb 10
3-4.30 pm
Sandy Sandy: Introduction to carbonyl photochemistry and review of recent literature on this topic.
Fri, Feb 17 n/a Scott is away. Sandy is away.
Fri, Feb 24 everyone Kinetics and Photochemistry Conference in CalState Fullerton
Thu, Mar 8
1-3(+) pm
Amanda Definite: The first orals practice (+safety if there is time left)
Tue, Mar 13
1-2 pm
Sandy Safety
Fri, Mar 23
2-4 pm
Amanda The 2nd orals practice - cancelled
Fri, Mar 30
2-4 pm
Amanda The 3rd orals practice - cancelled


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