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Aerosol Photochemistry Seminars

Group Seminars

Meetings are in RH390. The meeting time is specified below.
Date/time Speaker(s) Topic
Spring Quarter + Summer 2013
Wed, Apr 3
3-5 pm
Sergey Lab updates (funding, backups, safety, etc.) and quarterly lab cleanup
Wed, Apr 10
3-5 pm
Mallory, Paige

Reports on previous research

Wed, Apr 17
3-5 pm

Progress report

Wed, May 1
3-5 pm

Progress report (also include data from the Berkeley group)

Wed, May 8
3-5 pm

Orals practice
Note: may need to adjust timing because of Zeev's visit on this day; also may give this slot to Sandy if she is ready. Dian out of town.

Wed, May 15
10-11 am
Sandy Orals practice
Wed, May 15
3.30-5.00 pm
Alex Laskin Presentation to AirUCI
Wed, May 22
3-5 pm
Sandy Orals practice
Note: Sergey, Julie out of town

Tue, June 4
11 am - 1 pm

Maggie, Nujhat Quarterly progress reports. (Julie out of town.) Note the unusual date. Hanna, Amanda, Dian originally scheduled for this date will present later in the summer.

Thu, Aug 15
1 pm - 3 pm

Dian progress report

Wed, Aug 21
all day

Renee SURF symposium

Thu, Aug 22
1 pm - 3 pm

Scott Scott: vacuum fittings training

Thu, Aug 29
1 pm - 3 pm

Mallory, Paige 1st year exam presentations

Thu, Sep 5
3 pm - 5 pm

Julie progress report

Thu, Sep 12
2 pm - 3.30 pm

Scott, Julie AirUCI retreat talks

Thu, Sep 19
3 pm - 5 pm

All Lab cleanup

Thu, Sep 26
3 pm - 5 pm

Julie, Scott, Sandy, Sergey AAAR rehearsal


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