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UCI Aerosol Photochemistry Group   
University of California at Irvine   Department of Chemistry    
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Aerosol Photochemistry Seminars

Group Seminars

Meetings are in RH390. The meeting time is specified below.
Date/time Speaker(s) Topic
Winter Quarter 2013
Thu, Jan 17
10-11.30 am
Everyone Safety updates and moving chemicals
Thu, Jan 24
10-11.30 am

Project Blue

Thu, Jan 31 - Fri, Feb 1

AirUCI workshop

Thu, Feb 7
10-11.30 am

WHATBUTT - Abbatt group (lab research only)

Thu, Feb 14
10-11.30 am

WHATBUTT - Shepson group

Thu, Feb 20
10-11.30 am

WHATBUTT - Turpin group

Thu, Feb 28
10-11.30 am
Julie, Scott Julie - practice talk, Scott - first results with the flow cell
Thu, Mar 7
10-11.30 am
Sergey KLA wrap up
Fri, Mar 8 Everyone Kinetics and Photochemistry conference at Caltech
Thu, Mar 14
10-11.30 am
Scott; Moses Scott - inteview practice; Moses research final report
Thu, Mar 21
10-11.30 am
Amanda Progress report or WHATBUTT


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