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Aerosol Photochemistry Seminars

Group Seminars

Meetings are in RH390. The meeting time is specified below.
Date/time Speaker(s) Topic
Summer 2014
Tue, July 1
3-5 pm
Sergey Safety (everyone) and basic hands-on lab training - tubing, fittings, etc. (for people who need it). Teachers will be in the PC lab during that time.
Mon, July 7
1-6 pm
Everyone MAJOR lab cleanup. Duties will be distributed.
Mon, July 14
4-6 pm
Everyone Gamez (in the library)
Mon, July 21
4-6 pm
Everyone Paige and Mallory unveil their orals topics to the group.
Mon, July 28
3-6 pm
Everyone Discussion of Dian's paper and of Julie's (2nd revision) like BJFP group does with all their papers (in the library). Note the earlier start.
Friday, Aug 8
3-5 pm
Paige, Mallory, Amanda, Sergey ACS meeting practice. May be shifted depending on the visitor schedule.
Mon, Aug 18
4-6 pm
Monica SURF symposium talk practice
Fri, Aug 22
4-6 pm
Everyone who can make it to Monica's talk SURF symposium
Mon, Aug 25
4-6 pm
Paige and/or Mallory Orals practice - original proposal only
Wed, Sep 3
4-6 pm

Paige and/or Mallory; Kurtis

Orals practice - original proposal only; 1st year exam practice

LabView room is occupied until early August - we will do this in August or September


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