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Aerosol Photochemistry Seminars

Group Seminars

Meetings are in RH390. The meeting times are specified below.
Date/time Speaker(s) Topic
Summer 2015
Wed, June 24
2.30 pm, library
  Webcast about the Haagen-Smit Clean Air Award Winners
Fri, June 26
11 am, RH390
Sergey Paper discussion; chamber database discussion; new project discussion; NOAA fellowships for undergraduate students and NCAR collaborations; other things.
Tue, June 30
2 pm, RH390
Paige Paper discussion
Thu, July 9
2 pm, RH390
Julia, Michael, Yujane, Bonnie Julia (20 min): previous research; research plans for the summer; Michael, Yujane, Bonnie (5-10 min each): project introduction/background
Thu, July 23
3 pm, RH390
Lauren Discussion of paper 1 and paper 2
Thu, July 30
3 pm, RH390
Sergey and Yujane Sergey's Practice talk for GRC; Yujane's internship summary
Wed, Aug 12
11 am, RH390
Julia, Sergey Talk practice; GRC conference report
Thu, Aug 27
4 pm, RH390
Bonnie, Michael Internship summaries
Thu, Sep 3
3.30 pm, RH390
Dian Progress report or paper discussion
Thu, Sep 10
3 pm, RH390
Everyone Chemistry picnic



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