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Research Group: Alumni (2002 - ...)

UCI graduate students
Visiting scientists
Honorary members



Former UCI Graduate Students

Cynthia Wong Dr. Cynthia Wong
Sep 2018 - June 2023
Air Pollution Specialist at the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Alexandra Klodt Dr. Alexandra Klodt
Sep 2017 - Aug 2022
Air Pollution Specialist at the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Natalie Smith Dr. Natalie Smith
Sep 2017 - Aug 2022
Air Measurement Scientist in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Vahe Baboomian Dr. Vahe Baboomian
Sep 2017 - June 2022
Environmental Scientist at Yorke Engineering
Julia Montoya-Aguilera Dr. Julia Montoya-Aguilera
Sep 2015 - June 2020
Air Pollution Specialist for the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD)
Lauren Fleming Dr. Lauren Fleming
Sep 2014 - May 2019
Graph Data Scientist at Crisp Thinking
Kurtis Malecha Dr. Kurtis Malecha
Sep 2013 - June 2018
Air Monitoring Technical Project Manager at the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Paige Aiona Dr. Paige Aiona
Sep 2012 - June 2018
Air Quality Chemist for the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD)
Mallory Hinks Dr. Mallory Hinks
Sep 2012 - June 2017
Technical Coordinator at the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Program
Dian Romonosky Dr. Dian Romonosky-McSally
Sep 2011 - July 2016
Analytical Chemist at Alene Candles
Sandra Blair Dr. Sandra Blair
June 2011 - June 2016
Air Pollution Chemist for the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD)
Amanda MacMillan Dr. Amanda MacMillan
Sep 2009 - Dec 2015
Air Pollution Chemist for the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD)
Tran Nguyen Dr. Tran Nguyen
Sep 2008 - June 2012
Environmental Toxicology professor at UC Davis
Adam Bateman Dr. Adam Bateman
Sep 2006 - June 2011
Product Engineer at Lam Research
Xiang Pan Dr. Xiang Pan
Sep 2003 - June 2009
Currently a Branch Manager at Kunshan Myzy Fixture Technology Co., Ltd.
Chris Harmon Dr. Chris Harmon
Sep 2005 - Dec 2009
Chemistry professor at Humboldt State University
Stephen Mang Dr. Stephen Mang
July 2003 - June 2008
Chemistry professor in the Department of Chemistry at UCI
Ahmad Alshawa Dr. Ahmad Alshawa
July 2002 - Jan 2008
Instrumentation Specialist at Chapman College
Anthony Gomez Dr. Anthony Gomez
July 2002 - June 2007
Principal Research Scientist at Southwest Sciences
Maggie Walser Dr. Maggie Walser
Sep 2003 - Aug 2007
Associate Executive Director, Division on Earth and Life Studies at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Visiting Scientists from Other Schools

    Juan Miguel González Sánchez Kevin Kilchhofer (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Came to UCI as part of a PSI-UBC-UCI joint project in August 2023.
Alison Bain Alison Bain (McGill University)
Came to UCI to in March 2020 to do measurements on SOA, trip cut short by COVID-19. Faculty member at Oregon State University.
Juan Miguel González Sánchez Dr. Juan Miguel González Sánchez (Université Aix-Marseille)
Worked at UCI in February-March 2020 on photochemistry of organonitrates, trip also cut short by COVID-19
Rachel Hems Dr. Rachel Hems (University of Toronto)
Came to UCI for one week in March 2018 to work on photooxidation of aromatic SOA. Faculty member at Oberlin College.
Pablo Arroyo Dr. Pablo Arroyo (PSI)
Worked at UCI from Nov 1 - Dec 2, 2017 on photodegradation of SOA containing metals (paper 141).
Hanna Lignell Dr. Hanna Lignell (U Helsinki)
Did part of her PhD work in our group in Jan 2011 - Dec 2013. Currently the Director of the VERIFIN Institute at the University of Helsinki
Rachel O'Brien Dr. Rachel O'Brien (UC Berkeley)
Worked at UCI in March 2013 on imaging of viscous SOA particles (paper 92) and other joint projects. Faculty member at the University of Michigan.

Former Postdoctoral Researchers

    Alexandra Klodt Dr. Alexandra Klodt
Sep 2022 - Aug 2023
Air Pollution Specialist at the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Amanda MacMillan Dr. Amanda MacMillan
Air Pollution Chemist for the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD)
Julie Lee Dr. Hyun Ji (Julie) Lee
Air Pollution Specialist at California Air Resources Board
Scott Epstein Dr. Scott Epstein
Program Supervisor, Air Quality Assessment at South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD)
David Bones Dr. David Bones
Aerosol Scientist at Aeroqual Ltd
Jia-Hua Xing Dr. Jia-Hua Xing
Researcher at Kyoto University, Pioneering Research Unit for Next Generation
Joelle Underwood Dr. Joelle Underwood
Assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at Loyola University in New Orleans
Jiho Park Dr. Jiho Park
Professor at Korea National Open University
Ao Lin Dr. Ao Lin
Researcher in the California Air Resources Board

Former Undergraduate Students and High-School Interns

Tim Oeji Tim Oeji
Helen Qin Helen Qin
Sofia Stirone Sofia Stirone
Shweta Shah Shweta Shah
Jett Vuong Jett Vuong
Maggie Chou Maggie Chou
Michael Alvarado Michael Alvarado
2022-2023 post-baccalaureate student from UCI
Seamus Frey Seamus Frey
2022 Chem-SURF student from Bowdoin College
Krisztina Rakosi Krisztina Rakosi
Kimberly Zhang Kimberly Zhang
2020-21 Beckman Scholar
Scott Le Scott Le
Angel Arredondo Angel Arredondo
Summer 2021 Chem-SURF student
Samantha Scott Samantha Scott
Suki Gu Suki Gu
Jorge Luis Fernandez Jorge Luis Fernandez
Daniel Vite Daniel Vite
Henry Chin Henry Chin
Danielle Rocco Danielle Rocco
Michael Olsen Michael Olsen
Judith Wang Judith Wang
Daniel Fishman Daniel Fishman
Summer 2018 high school intern from the Sage Hill High Schoo
Reese Carlton Reese Carlton
Summer 2018 high school intern from the University High School
Tim Cai Tim Cai
Graduate student at Carnegie Melon University
Aditya Iyengar Aditya Iyengar
Lucas Ellison Lucas Ellison
Summer 2016 exchange student from McGill University.
Emily Yen Emily Yen
Summer 2016 research intern from Troy High School. Majoring in environmental science and policy at UC Berkeley.
Nujhat Ali Nujhat Ali
2013-2014, 2015-2016 and 2018
Stephanie Kim Stephanie Kim
Yujane Chen Yujane Chen
Summer 2015 and 2016 high-school intern from Troy High School
Bonnie Huang Bonnie Huang
Summer 2015 high-school intern from El Toro High School. Majoring in bioengineering at UCSD.
Michael Wu Michael Wu
2014-2015 intern from the University High School
Claire Engelmann Claire Engelmann
Monica Brady Monica Brady
Summer 2014 SURF program
Mariyah Saiduddin Mariyah Saiduddin
Graduate student at NYU
Renee Leslie Renee Leslie
Summer 2013 SURF program
Elina Balalina Elina Balalina
Summer 2013 high-school intern from the Woodbridge High School
Maggie Marvin Margaret Marvin
Sping 2013
Graduate student at the Univeristy of Maryland
Moses Avedikian
Van Tran Van Tran
2011-12 and summer 2011 SURF program
Chad Eyerly Chad Eyerly
Studying in the School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics in Cal State L.A
Paula Lee Paula Lee
Works at Genentech
Katelyn Updyke Katelyn Updyke
Kevin Nguyen Kevin Nguyen
Summer 2011 intern from the Bolsa Grande High School
Lucas Nguyen Lucas Nguyen
Graduate student at Princeton Univeristy
Kathy Kim Kathy Kim
Works in Deft
Zoe Cabral Zoe Cabral
Nicole Levac Nicole Levac
Caltech student who worked with us on the 2010 CalNex LA campaign
John Morrison John Morrison
2009-10 and summer 2010 SURP program
Michelle Yang Michelle Yang
Summer 2010 intern from the Diamond Bar High School
Joshua Klobas Joshua Klobas
Graduate student at Harvard University
Clement Kao Clement Kao
Summer 2009 intern from the University High School; now studying at UC Berkeley.
Madelyn McKittrick Madelyn McKittrick
Getting a teaching credential
Anne Nguyen Anne Nguyen
Now a graduate student in the UCI School of Public Health
Mark Peterson Mark Peterson
Graduate student in the Department of Chemistry, Northwesten Univeristy
Susann Rodas Susann Rodas
Carmen Seetho Carmen Seetho
Works in Michelson Laboratories
Dana Henricksen Dana Henricksen
Sero Kassabian Sero Kassabian
Works in San Diego County Air Pollution Control District (APCD)
Jennifer Peairs Jennifer Peairs
Graduate student at the University of Virginia in the group of Prof. Jill Venton
Stacy Wilkinson Stacy Wilkinson
Enosh Cohen Enosh Cohen
Mark Dailo Mark Dailo
Tanza Lewis Tanza Lewis
Thong Do Thong Do
Now works at Psychemedics
Ashley Russell Ashley Russell
Graduate student at UC Berkeley in Prof. Cohen's research group
Robert Benningsdorf Robert Benningsdorf
Steve Ng Steve Ng
Pharmacy student at Loma Linda University
Nicole Britigan Nicole Britigan
Teacher at the NOVA Early College High School
Melanie Nguyen Melanie Nguyen
UCI Chemistry stockroom manager
David Whitt David Whitt
Works at General Electric, Water and Process Technologies division in Long Beach, CA

Honorary Members of the Group

Dr. James N. Pitts Jr Dr. James N. Pitts Jr was an invaluable resource and mentor to the group members. His scientific wisdom affected the group long before it even existed. It was, in fact, a Russian translation of the book "Photochemistry" by Jack G. Calvert and James N. Pitts Jr. that inspired Sergey Nizkorodov to become a photochemist in undergraduate school. Dr. Pitts was behind our work on indoor air chemistry initiated by air purifiers. Dr. Pitts passed away in June 2014 leaving a giant legacy of work on the science of atmospheric photochemistry and air pollution. You can learn more about Dr. Pitts' fascinating biography from his 2007 interview article in the Spectrum and from a UCI School of Physical Sciences. Dear Jim, you will always be dearly missed!
Last modified: August 18, 2009
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