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Aerosol Group Photos 2019-2022



Vahe Baboomian's PhD committee

Lena Gerritz, a new Anteater

Cynthia Wong & Sergey Nizkorodov

2022 Lee Dinner group photo

Vahe impersonators at 2022 Lee Dinner

Krisztina Rakosi's awards

PhD defense of Alex & Natalie, 2022

Natalie Smith & Lucia Liu

Celia Faiola & Natalie Smith

PhD defense of Alex & Natalie, 2022

Katie Hopstock at 2022 AAAR

Group photo at 2022 AAAR

Tucker the Cat of Raleigh NC

Tran Nguyen's award at 2022 AAAR

Chamber reflectors installed

Chamber reflector installation crew

Chamber reflector installation crew

Sergey Nizkorodov & Krisztina Rakosi

Spontaneous group photo

Vahe Baboomian & Sergey Nizkorodov

Natalie, Cynthia, Alex at Commencement

Natalie Smith & Alex Klodt

Commencement of 2022

Inspector Butter

Rooftop group photo

Alex Klodt & Rachel O'Brien

Natalie Smith running PTR-MS

Natalie Smith in greenhouse

Kimberly Zhang 2021 Lee Dinner award

Alumni gather at Kurtis Malecha's wedding

Avery Dalton and Katie Hopstock advance to PhD candidacy

Natalie Smith extracting her SOA

Angel Arredondo in the lab

Graduation of Kimberly Zhang

Group photo

New discoveries in the lab

Bocce tournament of 2021

Kimberly Zhang & Sergey Nizkorodov

Crystal Cove, 2021

Crystal Cove, 2021

Kimberly Zhang & Katie Hopstock

Crystal Cove, 2021

Crystal Cove, 2021

Avery Dalton & Kimberly Zhang

Real tree SOA experiments

Group hike in Crystal Cove, 2020

PhD defense of Julia Montoya-Aguilera soon after the Covid lockdown

Viscous SOA, AAAR image award

UCI dinner at AAAR 2019

Natalie Smith, poster at AAAR 2019

Lauren Fleming, 2019 Lee Dinner award

Vahe Baboomian, 2019 Lee Dinner award

Natalie Smith, 2019 Lee Dinner

Group photo at 2019 Lee Dinner

Cynthia Wong & Eduardo Ilano

After Vahe's return from France

After Vahe's return from France

Spelling at 2019 ACS in San Diego

The Hookah gang

Escape room, 2019

Henry Chin & Danielle Rocco awards

Commencement of 2019

Michael Olsen & Judith Wang

Alex Klodt measuring spectra

2019 UROP Conference

Henry Chin waiting for things to darken

Group photo, 2019

Lauren Fleming & Cynthia Wong

Prof. Hind Al-Abadleh BBQ-ing

Annmarie & Reese Carlton
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