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Aerosol Group Photos 2006-2007

Group photos

Aerosol group picture taken in late 2006

Stephen Mang and Clare Peyrebrune

Stephen Mang torn away from his PC

Inside the LaserVision OPO laser

Maggie, Sergey and Stephen at graduation

Maggie Walser and Stephen Mang

Electrospray aerosol particle generator

Thong Do and Sergey Nizkorodov

Joelle's barbecue party

Stephen Mang running the air purifier lab

Anthony Gomez at the AirUCI Community Day

Rowland Hall in the middle of renovation

Maggie Walser: not much longer now!

Maggie Walser & her student Anne Nguyen

Enosh Cohen using the SMPS setup

Tanza Lewis

Tanza Lewis at her graduation

Chris Harmon next to the tandem DMA setup

Maggie Walser's Memorial Coffee Maker


Anthony Gomez explaining CRDS

Anthony Gomez superglued to his chair

Anthony Gomez after his PhD defense


Xiang Pan explaining CIMS

Jia-Hua Xiang in her office (freezing)

Stephen Mang running a demo for visitors

Jenn Peairs and Stephen Mang

Anthony Gomez after his PhD defense

Ahmad Alshawa running the SMPS setup

Xiang Pan and Stephen Mang

Jia-Hua Xiang running experiments

Ahmad Alshawa and Jia-Hua Xiang

Aerosol Lab door: sealed during renovation

Joelle Underwood and Canada Matt

Stephen & Chris receiving a TA award

AirUCI logo on the 3rd floor of Rowland Hall

Tanza Lewis in the lab

Maggie Walser teaching an outreach program

Stephen Mang's lunch hour

Adam Bateman happily grading Chem1 exams

Xiang Pan in his office

Adam Bateman in black and white

Adam Bateman and Alex Hickman

Chris Harmon

Maggie Walser defending her PhD

Anthony Gomez pretending to work

Maggie Walser and Sergey Nizkorodov

Ahmad Alshawa setting up his experiment

Life forms crawling from under an optical table
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